Tuesday, December 16, 2008

hat off to Papi

you know when you try too hard at something the result is not exactly what it was initially intened to be!! that is exactly what is happening to me today. i am trying, desperately to learn Photoshop CS4 in order to help my husband with his work. feeling a bit frustrated, i signed up for an online course,promising everything i wanted it to say...CS4 for beginners. sign me up!! and so i did only to begin my course with not even a slight semblance of CS4 for beginners anywhere to be found. so, to vent a bit i sent them an email without the language that i really wanted to use and i am still waiting for a response...well, it was only 1 hour ago.
during that time, i decided to start a blog. it was a very quick decision. why you ask...good question. i have friends and family who are often asking me for advice, the cooking kind. really, only the cooking kind. i don't know if that is good or not but at least it's something. for whatever reason, they ask me. i love food. i love to cook. maybe that is why but who doesn't like those things? maybe because i enjoy spending a lot of time in the kitchen while others don't or can't for whatever reason.
(i know this is getting really long and off onto tangents at times but i assure you, it won't always be this way)
i think my love affair with food and all things food stems from my grandfather. he is a food lover. a food obsessor. he plans his days around each meal. he takes time and is passionate about each cut, each selection, each ingredient-it is a harmounious affair that is inspiring. and i love that. he gets back to basics. to the essentials. no fluff. i spent many summers with him in the markets in Cannes, his local bakery, local epicerie, local everything. i learned from him.
so, i cook a bit like him. i imagine, i conceive ingredient marriages and then put something together. it is fun and relaxing for me. i like to create something out of esentially nothing.
now, here i am as the food advice therapist. it is a cunundrum for us 30 somethings. we spent most of our adult lives working outside the home and now that we are ready to nest a bit, it is hard to figure out how. and that is where a lot of us are at right now.
all i can guarantee you is that the recipes i post will be easy to prepare, good to taste and should inspire you a bit in the kitchen.